How To Choose Your Bike

Today there are so many types of bikes available to choose from that it can be quite understandable if a person gets lost the moment they walk into a bike store. At one time, it was a question of a boy's or girl’s style and what color they wanted it to be. Today, there are dozens of bike types and styles from which to choose. How can anyone make a good decision just walking in?

What’s Your Purpose?

The first thing you need to identify is how you will use your bike. If it has only one use, let's say you want it for riding along the beach, then that’s easy. A beach cruiser is perfect for this. If you want a bike for riding the hills on the weekends, you may want a mountain bike. An urban cruiser is a good choice for someone who wants a bike for commuting during the week and taking care of errands around town on the weekends. But what if you want to do all of this?

The Versatile Hybrid

If you want to explore the hilly trails on weekends and run to the Farmer’s Market on Sundays, then one of today's hybrid bicycles may be just what you need. With the perfect combination of the rugged frame of a mountain bike balanced with the easy riding of a town cruiser, these are great versatile bikes.

For Non-Specialists

Of course, if you want to have the perfect mountain bike in the hills AND the tricked-out fancy beach cruiser on the beach, you may need to buy two bikes. For some, having that special-use in a bike is just what they want. But for those of us with tight wallets, the hybrid works just fine.

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So decide what you need before you head out to your local bike shop. Pleasure rider or serious transportation geek, the decision is all yours. Whatever you choose, know that you are riding a trend towards cleaner air, better health, and of course a whole lot more fun.